My hottest ride till date in California

A couple of weeks ago, my buddy and I decided on a friday morning to meet up and ride to the hills beyond the Golden Gate bridge on to Mt. Tamalpais and Stinson beach. I was off work that day and we took off from Milpitas and headed to San Francisco on 101-N navigating through some nasty traffic. The ride started off well, and we stopped to eat some delicious brunch at the Squat and Gobble Cafe in the Marina district. Even as we were finishing up at the outdoor patio area of the cafe, the temperature was soaring – ┬áit was 95F at ten in the morning! Given that it was highly unusual for San Francisco to even see the 80s, this was definitely an anomaly but little did we think that it would be one of historic proportions. That friday, september 1st of 2017, the San Francisco city thermometer measured 106F, the all-time high ever recorded since the city started keeping track of temperatures 150 years ago!

My body was drenched in sweat while riding on the golden gate bridge and I could scarcely believe it. In the two-dozen times that I had visited the bridge with friends and family over the past few years, I couldn’t recollect the weather being anything other than cold and windy, usually shrouded with thick white fog. I wanted to rip off my stupid leather jacket and gloves and pants, and jump off into the ocean below to cool off. Naturally I did nothing of that sort and soon we were cruising on the twisty roads on US-1 snaking our way through the scorched brown hills, while rivulets of sweat flowed down my back. The humungous air-cooled boxer was doing nothing to help, and my right thighs were getting properly roasted. I was grateful that I had bothered to carry my Platypus hydration pack filled with iced-water for this ride.

A roadblock past the Muir beach exit closing a section of highway-1 meant that we would have to circle back and take a different route to reach Stinson. We took that as a sign to get our asses back home to our air-conditioned living rooms. The heat-wave on the way back was brutal to say the least. My friend who rides a BMW R1200R roadster equipped with a myriad gauges on the instrument cluster observed the temperature gauge display 110F as we were crossing the San Francisco International Airport on 101-S. It literally felt like being inside a pressure cooker, and suffice to say, the feeling was most unpleasant. The fact that we will be riding to Death Valley in a couple of weeks makes me wring in trepidation. Needless to say, I will be praying that the weather gods have some mercy on us and cool it by the month-end. I will leave you with some pics from this ride. Adios amigos!

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